Should you do a cobot risk assessment?

Safety + Collaboration = Success! Collaborative robots are developed to free human hands from tedious and potentially dangerous jobs. With the removal of safety fencing and other safety monitoring devices, collaborative robots (cobots) are revolutionizing and re-shaping the manufacturing world. Cobots are undoubtedly gaining popularity and it is therefore important [...]

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ISO/TS 15066

Humans + Robots = Real Value With the introduction of cobots (collaborative robots) humans and robots are sharing and sometimes overlapping the manufacturing workspace. The ISO/TS 15066 standard provides design and implementation guidelines that limits and controls risks associated with cobot setups. ISO/TS 15066 builds on ISO 10218-1 and -2 published in 2011. [...]

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Self-Driving Autonomous Car Tests, Legislations & U.S. Laws

More and more automakers are seeking permission to commision autonomous vehicles on the road. Their goal is to increase their testing capacity in order to drive development & deliver the first self-driving vehicle to the market. As we speak, companies are submitting proposals to the Trump administration which request additional autonomous vehicles to be put [...]

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Cobots are here to stay!

Collaborative Automation: Cobots vs. Industrial Robots You can see that a technology is an important one when people begin to address its benefits throughout the industrial spectrum and assess their risks. Today we are living fast paced technology driven era. Humans and machines are working together closer than ever before. Therefore [...]

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